Thursday, 28 March 2013

Garment manufacturers in India Looking At Retail Segmment

India is considered to be one of the most preferred destinations for foreign buyers and brands to get their garment productions done here. Factors like low cost skilled labor and availability of raw material at a competitive rate makes the garment productions more feasible in India than in most other countries of the world. In some areas of garment manufacturing, such as hand beading, India retains a considerable leverage over other countries. The garment manufacturing industry in India is one of the best organized sectors, thus giving ample scope of opportunities for existing as well as upcoming players in the industry.    

Since Indian garment manufacturing industry is one of the major sectors of our economy, there are some manufacturers who are now toying with the idea of launching their own label or e risk of venturing into the Indian domestic market as well, continuing the same export brand in the domestic market. Many big garment manufacturers in India are willing to take volume which they have been pursuing as their routine. Some of the companies hope to attract the overseas investors by tying up with global brands where 51% FDI is permitted in single-brand retail as per Indian government policy.     

Many garment manufacturing companies in India have also launched online shopping websites in order to get more and more traffic for their sale. Since physical stores have the limitation of attracting the target audience of its nearby places, therefore online stores offers better prospects in terms of generating enquiries and sales. Also many companies believe that investing in an online portal is less demanding as compared to investing in physical store chains at multiple locations.