Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Beaded Motifs Designs On Evening Dresses: How To Check For The Quality Of Their Workmanship?

Beading is generally considered to be different from the embroidery works. It is commonly understood to be the hand or manual work of putting the embellishments on the fabrics whereas the embroidery works are generally understood to be machine operated or computerized. Beading or hand beading is expensive as well as artistic. The use of multiple embellishments of different varieties is possible with the beading technique rather than with the machine or computerized embroidery. If you happen to shop around for the garments, accessories, home furnishings or any other item on which beading has been done, you would like to get the best quality.

Here are some of things which you shall watch out for on the quality front while buying beaded items:

Firmly Secured
The beading shall be secured with good knotting. It shall not come out on cursory pulling of the embellishments with fingers. If the use of beaded motifs and appliques is being done, then the same shall be sewn or hand-tucked nicely and firmly on to the garment.

No Loose Work
Whatever material is used for ornamentation or beading, it shall not be loosely dangling down. Loosely held embellishments or loose thread work is not considered to be good quality workmanship. If there is a big gap between the two stitches of the thread while doing hand embroidery, it will be loose and fluffy. So, watch out for that loose and hanging beading next time you go to buy the glittering and beautiful evening dresses.

Density Of Work
Generally, the higher density of the beading work is considered to be of better quality than the lesser density one since the base material does not show. Naturally, it is more expensive as well.

Colour Of The Thread Used For Tying The Beads Or Sequins
If you find that the thread which is running through the beads or sequins is markedly different from the colour of these embellishments so that it is becoming prominently visible, then this is a clear exhibit of carelessness.

The Shape, Dimension And Design Of Beaded Motifs
Beading work entails that the design motifs are first traced on the fabric before work begins on these. Also, it is quite natural to expect greater finesse of work done with hands, with proper shape and design of the motifs being brought out with the hand work. If this not so, or the same motif is done in different shapes and dimension, then it does not tell appreciably on the consistent delivery of quality work.

When you happen to shop for the beaded articles next time, you can determine which one has a better workmanship than the others. This can also help you to ascertain whether the comparative prices being asked for are justified or not.